The Phoenix Manufacturing Team

Our dedicated, determined, and highly qualified team enables Phoenix Manufacturing to offer virtually endless capabilities in custom machining for the cutting-edge aerospace industry.

Our People Are the Key to Our Success

We are proud of our highly qualified team of engineering, programmers, machinists, and inspectors, who are always trained in the latest developments. Our ongoing investments for training our team has allowed us to continually grow as a company as well as keep our staff current on all of the latest techniques and technologies. Their dedication, years of industry experience and support for one another truly shows in our process from beginning to end.

In addition to making sure our team is built from the very best, we also partner with local technical schools, community colleges, and state universities in an effort to continually expand our capabilities with more like-minded, dedicated and intelligent team members.

Beyond our team’s know-how, our success continues with the complete service and satisfaction we offer our customers. Your parts are our business, and our methods go beyond simply filling orders. We work with our customers to provide engineering consulting throughout the manufacturing process, from the blueprint to the finished product. Our customers know they can depend on quick turnaround, high-quality products, and reliable service in this ever-changing manufacturing sector.

We’re confident you will find our services and expertise in a complete range of specialized processes compelling. Furthermore, we are dedicated to expanding our manufacturing services to ensure that Phoenix Manufacturing will remain at the forefront of suppliers in the global aerospace sector.


Phoenix Manufacturing is led by a hard-working and dedicated management team with years of industry experience.

  • Owner & CEO – Krystyna Paluch
  • VP of Business Development & Engineering – Steve Delude
  • VP of Operations – Peter Paluch
  • VP Administration & Compliance – Martha Paluch Prou
  • Quality Assurance Manager – Karen Jones
  • Engineering Manager – Salvatore Robustelli
  • Production Manager – Kurt Stroiney
  • Purchasing Manager – Sandy Bielanski
  • Human Resources & EHS Manager – Donna Devito

Krystyna Paluch – Owner & CEO

Phoenix Manufacturing owner and CEO Krystyna Paluch was recognized in the prestigious Hartford Business Journal “Women in Business” Awards for 2018, joining a growing list of industry-leading women at the forefront of the American manufacturing sector.